mardi 12 novembre 2013

POST 8: Your Choice of a Film or Series dealing with the notion of 'Power'


This movie its about the racial segregation in the United States. Two football coach try to find a solution about this problem, they create a football team with black and white players. And with the help  of a two-week camp, the players learn to know us and live all together. When the camp ends, all of them realize that the situation remains the same. But with the championship they obtain to link a lot of American people, no matter if they are black, white, green or yellow.
We can see that in Remember the titans behaves a lot of notion of power. in the Hard power, we can discover the power of repression of opposition and dissidence because in a lot of moment, the movie show us the white people treat the black people like animals. So this moments include the power of violence. And in the movie we see the omnipresence of the police who its very important to escape the fight. In the soft power, we can see the political power, the rule of law and order, but logicly, the bad rules of the society, who accept and share to treat humans like this. Finally, The power of Love is the most present on this movie, the players are part of the war for peace of in their country with the football, they show us that who cares what and how we are, because the inside, this is what counts. 

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  1. An interesting choice, Lola.
    As I do not know this movie at all, I'm looking forward to finding out more about it through your oral presentation.
    Please get fully prepared for it as I would really like to grade your work much higher than I have been given the opportunity to up until now...