dimanche 24 novembre 2013


Lola loves take pictures
Anonymous. This day i was just string along with two friends who her hobbies is makes graffity. 
Madrid Spain
Monestier Les Bains, France. It was on Christmas with my family on my grand-father's village. It's a beautiful village were when they snow, the village look like an igloo.
                                     Pablo Sanchez, its my brother, it was like two years ago. He was doing the clown with a santa clau's cap.
María Sánchez De Leon. It one of my best friends group, I take this picture like 2 summers ago. Maria just take a relax take before 4 days of festival, we need it.

Carmen Gonzalez 

Ainhoa Martin. These two pictures is Madrid in august, is to hot and we need to take something freeze.
Couple, 30 years of wedding

Madrid center

Madrid center
Ezok Madrid

Madrid, Templo de Debot. This place its the most beautiful place in Madrid to saw the sunset. You must have to go ! 

Madrid center, Gran vía
Carmen Gonzalez in Madrid

Lola's foot 

Pablo Sanchez, Madrid
Chambon-sur-Lignon, France. It take this picture when I was into a car to go to a wedding under the snow. An amazing wedding ! 

Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen and Ainhoa in Castro
Castro Urdiales

Carmen Gonzalez in Madrid

Grenoble, France

mardi 12 novembre 2013

POST 8: Your Choice of a Film or Series dealing with the notion of 'Power'


This movie its about the racial segregation in the United States. Two football coach try to find a solution about this problem, they create a football team with black and white players. And with the help  of a two-week camp, the players learn to know us and live all together. When the camp ends, all of them realize that the situation remains the same. But with the championship they obtain to link a lot of American people, no matter if they are black, white, green or yellow.
We can see that in Remember the titans behaves a lot of notion of power. in the Hard power, we can discover the power of repression of opposition and dissidence because in a lot of moment, the movie show us the white people treat the black people like animals. So this moments include the power of violence. And in the movie we see the omnipresence of the police who its very important to escape the fight. In the soft power, we can see the political power, the rule of law and order, but logicly, the bad rules of the society, who accept and share to treat humans like this. Finally, The power of Love is the most present on this movie, the players are part of the war for peace of in their country with the football, they show us that who cares what and how we are, because the inside, this is what counts. 

jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Post 7 - THE NOTION OF POWER (as exemplified in Brian De Palma's Redacted movie)

These 3 videos is diferent trailer about "Redacted" a Brian De Palma's movie. The movie its already a critic about the war in Irak. We can see that this film its very realistic and we can ask yourself that it is or not a documentary. We can see a very agressive scenes.

This film its also criticism the form and power of America, the system to define the war, the notion of the media's power because we can see on this documents images that not too much film show us because the media is so controlated.

Synopsis :
Director Brian De Palma turns his lens on the Iraq War with this "fictional documentary" about the experience of U.S. soldiers involved in the conflict. Based on a news item about the rape of an Iraqi schoolgirl by wayward grunts assigned to patrol a checkpoint, the film depicts a scenario not unlike the one De Palma covered in Casualties of War. Shot on high-definition video, Redacted also addresses the ever-evolving manner in which war is covered by the media by focusing on such journalistic innovations as blog coverage and web reporting.


This is one truly powerful (for lack of better a word) film. I am left dumbfounded and virtually speechless. Of course we all are aware of the horrific tragedy of war, but this film really showed me that what I had in mind is a "G" rated version. Everyone needs to see this film so we can all truly understand what our men and women are going though. It really brings you there with them and lets you see what they see on a daily basis. Not only does it focus on Americans, but it looks into what the Iraqi's are going through as well. This war is not a pretty picture, and though this film documents the disturbing realism of war, please watch it. It's films like this that make a difference and spark change.

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Post 4: MADtv iRack Video

This video can relate to several notions. It can go in the notion forms of power because it criticises the war in Irak. It also relates to the notion of progress because we can see Steve Jobs and Apple. So this is also myhts and heroes because Steve Jobs is some kind of modern hero. Also there is the notion of spaces and exchanges because it´s about relations inbetween countries (U.SA.-Irak).

jeudi 19 septembre 2013


-Two people are stuck on a escalator in a place that seems literally empty. The man looks annoyed. He might be an office warker walking to this job. The woman claims  that she's already late, so for her this is the last straw (that's breaks the camel's back). At one point, she's about to cry and asks for a phone, screams for help. In short, the two of them look helpless, clueless, powerless even hopeless.

We can relate this situation to a fairly common one in real life: getting struck in/on an elevator. The difference is, however, that in this situation, people have a right to feel panicky/ freak over/ panic. Where as on an escalator, there is no reason at all to panic/be scared. The video points out increasing reliance of human beings on technology. If it goes missing, it is as if a crutch had been taken away, so these two people cannot ever climb/walk up the escalator, which would be the normal thing to do. We could also think that technological progress makes humans lazy or at least less to take initiatives/ think by themselves inclined to make efforts.



-This video is structured around two main narrative voices and a character illustrating what the voice-over says while a singer often simply repeats what's just been said.
-The setting is a christian home and church, so this particular context is particularly meaningful. We can notice on various occasions that the main character is addicted to high-tech products, mostly smartphones.
-He is show as a family man unable to interact with his wife, except through texting. He is also shown as a church-goer incapable of attending worship without all his phones vibrating all the time, making him look like he's full of the holy spirit.
- Finally, he is deputed as a computer geek whose life has become extremely complicates instead of having been simplified.

-Basically, this video means that high technology has become a religion for many people, even Christians who are not supposed to be materialistic.
-Then, in a Christian lifestyle, quite a few church-goers and believers tend to focus more on a materialistic issues than spiritual ones.
-We can add that technology reigns supreme for many people who venerate it as a God enlightening his followers.
  The question is....is the real progress for humanity ? 

lundi 16 septembre 2013

This document is a cartoon and there is no apparent date shown. It tackles the issue of the power of internet.
We can see that we are on the Festival de Cannes and there is possibly one actor with his friends. Next to them, one fan who want a autograph and he said that he have pirated all the actor's movies.
It is composed of a caricatural. On the middle of the document we can see a ballon. In the top left, the enter of the festival who is indicated us the place. On the background, the crowd with the photographers and finally on the middle, the three principal persons.
The author wants to raise people's consciousness of the importance of internet and to make people sensitive to explain that the pirated, destroy all this cinema, music, author...
The message put across by the author I think is that I have just say, the pirated is a bad things ! 
My view on the subject is that the human always search the simplicity because everybody pirate all the movies and musics, and I do it, but we have to take conscious that all of us, kill the art world.