dimanche 24 novembre 2013


Lola loves take pictures
Anonymous. This day i was just string along with two friends who her hobbies is makes graffity. 
Madrid Spain
Monestier Les Bains, France. It was on Christmas with my family on my grand-father's village. It's a beautiful village were when they snow, the village look like an igloo.
                                     Pablo Sanchez, its my brother, it was like two years ago. He was doing the clown with a santa clau's cap.
María Sánchez De Leon. It one of my best friends group, I take this picture like 2 summers ago. Maria just take a relax take before 4 days of festival, we need it.

Carmen Gonzalez 

Ainhoa Martin. These two pictures is Madrid in august, is to hot and we need to take something freeze.
Couple, 30 years of wedding

Madrid center

Madrid center
Ezok Madrid

Madrid, Templo de Debot. This place its the most beautiful place in Madrid to saw the sunset. You must have to go ! 

Madrid center, Gran vía
Carmen Gonzalez in Madrid

Lola's foot 

Pablo Sanchez, Madrid
Chambon-sur-Lignon, France. It take this picture when I was into a car to go to a wedding under the snow. An amazing wedding ! 

Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen and Ainhoa in Castro
Castro Urdiales

Carmen Gonzalez in Madrid

Grenoble, France

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  1. OK, Lola but you were expected to WRITE a certain number of LINES IN ENGLISH.
    This would have been quite feasible as captions to your many photographs.
    Alas, this was not done...

  2. ok, you just have to say me and i'll do it ! in your free most, you don't write that we have to write something. Good day !